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Hampton Roads Procurement Assistance Center (HRPAC)

Old Dominion University

The Hampton Roads Procurement Assistance Center, located at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, exists to assist area businesses in establishing themselves to bid competively on federal, state, and local government contracts.

Each year, federal, state, and local governments buy billions of dollars worth of goods and services through prime contract and subcontract awards. It is the government buyers’ desire to add new sources to their supplier bases in order to have adequate competition and ready vendors in all industries.

The HRPAC at Old Dominion University, and its affiliate Crater PTAC, Petersburg, Virginia, have dedicated professionals, assisting large, small, minority-owned, woman-owned, and/or service disabled veterans in the identification of procurement opportunities, registrations, proposal development, and the business development activities needed for contract award and subsequent sustainability. Our goal is the growth of the business/government partnership in Hampton Roads, thereby increasing the vitality of the local economy.

The overall general mission of the Procurement assistance Center is:
  • To generate employment and improve the general economy of the individual Hampton Roads localities by assisting small, minority-owned, woman-owned, and/or service disabled veteran companies – in obtaining contract information and performing under federal agency, state, and local government contracts.
  • To expand the industrial base (ready vendors) of the federal government, providing the link between the government procurement offices, major prime contractors, and the Hampton Roads businesses.
  • To provide technical and management assistance to small existing businesses (minority-owned, woman-owned, and/or service disabled veteran) who are interested in doing business with the federal, state, or local governments.
  • To specifically apply Old Dominion University’s resources to improve the business climate and economic development in the local Hampton Roads community

If you are an existing business and are interested in receiving assistance from the Hampton Roads Procurement Assistance Center – Old Dominion University, or the Crater Planning District PTAC, please contact:

Cherylynn Sagester
(757) 683-4793

Monique McWhite
(757) 683-5542


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