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Engineering Camps

Engineers Rule Camp for students going into grades five through eight
Five days of exploration in the fields of civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering

Nano Camp for students going into grades two through four
One action packed day exploring civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering

Civil Engineering Explorations
Student teams will build catapults, bridges, towers, and cars with unusual materials, and then explore the functions and structures of these items. Compete for the designer and builder of the strongest bridge. Guest speakers will share their knowledge of the career of civil engineers as well as share the tools of the trade.
Electrical Engineering Explorations
Students explore the electrical world of currant, operate circuit boards, race micro-robots, build motors from copper and batteries. The day will include a visit to distance learning and other labs, and learn how spy cameras work!  Guest speakers will share and instruct students in the field of engineering.
Mechanical Engineering Explorations
Visit a ram jet, learn about air pressure, apply these dynamics for flight and compete with students in piloting skills, explore space at the planetarium, build computer generated cities and design million dollar bridges.
College Day
Learn what it is like to be a student living on the university campus. Visit student dorms, the football staduim, and the constant center. Camp is on the ODU campus and students will lunch daily at the student center with Friday's lunch on Monarch Way.